We are

Anime Super Fans

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most, exceptional Licenced anime products. As we are super fans, we go to no end to ensure quality in the products we provide as well as unique items exclusive to LoudPig. We hope you enjoy, and continuously shop with us.

Loudpig Anime Store

How are we?

We are the type of company that really knows how to handle a joke. But when It comes to anime and pop culture we are all over it.  We have been in the business of tees, and anime for about 5 years, at the same time we are lifelong fans.

Our goal with Loudpig is to find amazing anime and pop culture pieces and contribute them to our overall story.  I know, Loudpig, what’s that about?  Well, we felt pigs are never given their justices; yes they are loud and kind of weird but overall they make a great logo.

About Us
About Us
About Us