Top Five Anime Shows Based On a Manga

This is a quest for the best of the anime based on manga.

Mangas are widely popular with anime fans, even ones who despise reading. It’s no wonder since a manga can be more explanatory and open up the world of imagination, while anime bases the storytelling on its visual aid.

The hype for light mangas is real – they are easier to publish and require less art, thus the amount one can choose from is insane. However, the genre that’s in the lead is the Isekai, which most well-known anime are based on. Here and there comes along an anime that produces a manga adaptation, Yu-Gi-Oh! being one of those. 

Join us in listing the crème de la crème of manga adaptations into some of the insanely popular, others less known anime series. 


Top Five Anime Shows Based On a Manga

Light Manga: published between 2006-2009 with 10 complete volumes.

Anime: original run was in 2008-2009 and it has 25 episodes. 

Even though this one falls under the rom-com category, basing the whole story on probable real life, it made quite a mark in the anime industry. At the first glance, it seems like any other romantic high school story, and the story really couldn’t be simpler. The funny scenes are spiced up with romance. They tend to give the perfect combination for a relaxing watch or read. 

Takasu Ryuuji is a high school student. But because of his peculiar gaze, he’s considered a dreaded student among high schoolers, giving him almost no chance of socializing, having friends, and a girlfriend. Ryuuji secretly falls in love with Kushieda Minori, with whom he gets into a class in the second year of high school. Minori’s best friend, Aisaka Taiga, who’s just called “Palmtop Tiger” – a nickname she got because she’s small and quite aggressive, is also in the class. And Taiga falls in love with Ryuuji’s friend, Kitamura Yuusaku. 

This period is the age of great and dramatic emotions: first loves, second loves, friendships, big quarrels, etc. It’s quite realistically portrayed and not over-dramatized.

Aoi Bungaku Series: No Longer Human

Top Five Anime Shows Based On a Manga

The piece is a 271 page manga published in 1948.

Anime: original run of the anime was in 2009 with 12 episodes.

No Longer Human features the first four episodes of the Blue Literature anime series. The story is set in 2036 when thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough, humanity overcame death. The method is based on nanotechnology which provides humanity a life without any diseases, the average lifetime being over one hundred and twenty years. However, the breakthrough will tear society in two, develop an apathy over the lack of death, and pollution will reach a new level.

The Lost will emerge, a distorted, demonic creature disconnected from the technology system. Youzou Ouba lives a poor, drug-stricken, strained life and he cannot seize the opportunities that cross his path. Because of his past, he continues to flee from everything and everyone, even himself by self-destruction and constant chasing of death. One day he embarks on a fatal adventure in the city of the rich elite with his motorcycle friends, where they make a horrible discovery that will change their lives forever. 

The Twelve Kingdoms

Top Five Anime Shows Based On a Manga

The manga started its journey in 1992 with 9 volumes published so far.

Anime: it ran from 2002 to 2003 with 45 episodes in total.

Nakajima Yoko is an unhappy high school girl. He always wants to suit everyone, especially her parents and  friends, even though she doesn’t have many of them. Everyone looks up to her from teachers to students, yet she’s not really interested in anything. 

One day a strange man appears in the classroom, offering his services to her. She reluctantly accepts and in that moment monstrous creatures attack the school, and Keiki being unable to stop the attack, Yoko is taken along with two of her friends to another world. Yoko finds herself in the 12 kingdoms where she is hated by everyone and is left completely alone.

She goes through a lot of suffering, she’s betrayed several times by those she believed to be friends and is helped by those she casts aside on her journey. Eventually, she gets lost in a friendlier country, where the king is happy to help her. Yoko tells her story from the very beginning, leaving the king amazed at the small detail that Keiki knelt in front of her, as it means that Yoko is the chosen ruler of Kei.

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit 

Top Five Anime Shows Based On a Manga

Manga published in 1996 and it has 288 pages.

Anime: originally aired in 2007 with 26 episodes.

This story is very simple, but all the more realistic when you think about the old ages, taking place mostly in an environment similar to feudal Japan, spiced with some magic and natural spirits. Balsa, the protagonist, is a master of the spear. Balsa is a confident, strong, self-aware, and cunning woman. She has a mission of her own, she wants to defend eight lives without killing anyone in the meantime.

One day she saves prince Chagum who is supposedly possessed by a demon spirit. At the desperate request of Chagum’s mother, Balsa takes on the mission to protect Chagum from his father’s assassins, the boy being the eighth and last person in completing her own mission. 

But the malicious rumors about the emperor’s son turn out to be true. Something really possessed the boy. The imperial troops chasing our heroes are virtually the same throughout, but their motivations are constantly changing as the entity that has occupied Chagum becomes more and more evident. 

A Certain Magical Index 

Top Five Anime Shows Based On a Manga

Manga: published between 2004 and 2010, it has 22 volumes.

Anime: the show ran from 2008 to 2019 with 74 episodes in total.

This piece birthed several spin-offs, both in the manga and manga category. The story is set in Academy City where magic and science coexist. The city’s development is quite a bit ahead of other cities and its inhabitants are 80% students. The city exists only to train Espers-people who unlocked powers through science. One morning, Touma Kamijo finds a nun, named Index, on his balcony. Turns out the balance between magicians and espers is threatened and they need to do something about it, otherwise, a war is imminent.

Touma has an advantage over everyone, namely, his right hand is able to block and neutralize all supernatural abilities regardless of strength. Index is special in her own way as well, considering she claims to have 103 000 books memorized in her brain, making her a target of the Magic Covenant. Both embark on the mission set by the Anglican Church to save the balance. 

If you haven’t had a chance to read any of these manga’s you should absolute check them out.

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